About the CMP

July 2007 marked a turning point of historical significance: the CMP began returning the first remains of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot individuals to their families. These individuals had been missing since the tragic events of 1963-64 and 1974.

The primary objective of the CMP is to enable relatives of missing persons to recover the remains of their loved ones, arrange for a proper burial and close a long period of anguish and uncertainty. Most Cypriot families have been directly or indirectly affected and it is hoped that the healing of old wounds will in turn favour the overall process of reconciliation between both communities.

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Press Releases

Nov 25, 2017

(Nicosia, 25 November 2017) - As part of their overall effort to find new information on unknown burial sites in Cyprus in military and police archives of twelve countries, the three CMP Members held talks on 21 November in Vienna with officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Defense.

Nov 07, 2017

(07.11.2017) - The Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) wishes to express its sincere thanks to the Republic of Cyprus for its donation of EUR 265,000 made today.

Oct 12, 2017

(Nicosia, 12 October 2017) - On 10 October, CMP excavation teams located the remains of 2 individuals in an ongoing exhumation in a military zone at
Kondemenos (Kılıçaslan).

Quick Facts

Number of missing people:

Greek Cypriots: 1510

Turkish Cypriots: 492

Identified Individuals returned to their families:

Greek Cypriots: 646

Turkish Cypriots: 210

Sites excavated:

Opened: 1188 (No of Human remains on sites: 1217)

Sets of Remains analyzed:


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CMP in the news

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Mar 09, 2017
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